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Grow where you're Planted!

One of the things I love about walking in the morning is noticing things along the road that you don't normally see when you drive by in the car. Not to mention all of the other things going on, sounds of animals, streams running, the smells of flowers, and cows, and this morning i smelt someone making pancakes hahaha. One of my favorites is when someone has a fire going in the morning. So take some time in life be still, slow down, and listen to the world around you.

Also as I was walking I came across this shale wall, and right in the Middle of the wall among the rocks was this purple flower, growing and thriving. It did not have the greatest soil, it was just where God put it and it was perfect for that flower. God place it there just like he is placing Grace and Dan in Arizona and Luke and Jess in South Carolina. I'm excited to see how you thrive where God is planting you.

Today's rock is located at Locust Lake. This Lake is super nice, I remember when we moved here I was so excited that we could have a lake that we could fish right on our road. Little did I know it was POSTED and we would not have access. What I also did not know was that Swazye Mill was right around the corner and we would end up spending so many days fishing there. Needless to say, Locust lake is pretty beautiful. There is a pull off the side of the road by the lake, you can find the rock at the base of a tree .

Tomorrow is Easter ! He Has RISEN!!!

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