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Let it BEGIN! Let it Begin!

Updated: Mar 17

Let it BEGIN! Let it Begin!

Well, here we are, starting off on this new adventure! Just the other day during my walk, the thought struck me: "Wow, next year I'll be hitting the big 5-0... Time sure flies, doesn't it?"

They say, "Once you're over the hill, you pick up speed"... but where exactly are we speeding to? For some, it may be a hole in the ground, but for me, I'm looking forward to eternity in heaven. Don't get me wrong, I'm not speeding there I have plenty of life to live.

Back to my walk.

As I was strolling, contemplating the passing years, I couldn't help but wonder how I could leave a little something behind for my love, my kids, and maybe even for my grandkids one day.

At first, I considered writing letters to each of you, but that felt too fleeting, you know?

Then it hit me: why not leave a mark as I journey through life? So, whether I'm out with you guys or off on my own, I'll write my name on a rock, hide it in a secret spot, snap a picture, and maybe write a little blog post about it. It's my way of leaving a piece of myself in the world. And hey, I'll even jot down a Bible verse on each stone, so if someone else finds it, they might feel a little extra blessed.

Who knows, maybe one day you all will go on a hunt to find these stones. Forget Geocache; let's call it GEODAD!

I'm not mentioning this to anyone because I'm not quite sure how it'll turn out or how long I'll keep it up.(As I typed that Mommy just came home from church sat on the couch and said "What cha working on?" I just said I was looking at the First Lite Logo and trying to figure out what it was... I think it is a mountain with a sun, just in case you care.

Before You Start...

Check out this rock. It is right on our property up by the road by the old go-cart track. If we don't live there anymore you can still get there from the street.

Under it will be another rock. If what I wrote on it is still there then hopefully all the other rocks will still have the stuff I wrote on them🤞. If the Sharpie outlasted me call them and get an advertising deal. Here is their website

As of right now March14, 2024 they usually will be marked with a 🖤. I would have used red but I did not know how long red would hold up.


(Well, it is technically the second I did not like the way the first one looked. I left it there so you could see it, but the rock was hard to write on. so I went back and put another one)

So, today marks the beginning of this little project (March 14, 2024).

It was a beautiful 70° today, so Beef and I headed to Swayze for some fishing. And guess what? I caught a LUNK! Beef caught this picture.

You can find the rock over by my fishing spot... the boys will know where it is because I'm the only one that ever fishes there.

Here's to this Journey. Love you all


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