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Updated: Mar 18

Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️

Beef and I set out to climb the large rock at the Waterloo Trail.

Hiking out, I felt confident that we would be able to do it. Once we got there we realized it was a lot BIGGER than we remembered. We did get a little practice in on another pretty big rock and we also formulated a plan on how to tackle BIG BERTHA. So this was just a scouting mission we will have to head back with some more things and maybe John and Luke.

I have to say it is a super nice hike I enjoyed the time. BEEF brought his drone but it was pretty windy so the video is a bit shaky.

*Also found out Rudolph was going to add my day back which was good news. Still wanna really focus on what bigger plan God has for Me.

You can find My rock and the base of BIG BERTHA it is kind of stuffed in there. It will be on the right-hand side kind of tucked against the wall closest to the opening.

Love Yah! Enjoy the hike.

I'll probably hook you up with another rock the next time we go there.

Here some pics

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