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March 20the the Day I met your mother, and my world would never be the same.

God sure blessed me that day!!!

It was a busy day today I put out three rocks.

I went out for an early morning walk and put out two rocks. When I got home I had to go pick up John from Kyla's house. This is the first out-of-state rock that I have hidden.

Rock Number 1

Here's a Little town history on this one.

The grist and saw mill built by Joseph Swayze Jr. in 1787 on Muddy Brook was still operating as such in 1874. The community consisted of a few scattered houses and farms. That is about all that remains today. The mill remains are several stone walls, a very well-preserved penstock and deflector box, and scenic color in autumn. The mill operated with an overshot wheel with the deflector box dumping the force of the water down onto the top of the wheel.

Rock Number 2

Pond View

Rock Number 3

On our way home from picking up John from Kyla's I hid my first out-of-state rock hide. You can find it at Rosecrans and McElhattan Falls. This spot is a short hike but the waterfall is really cool.

I think I will start taking a picture of the rocks before I set them out. This way if the text wipes off you will know what it said. I will just make a blank link at the bottom of the page so you can't see the rock unless you click the link.

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